Tasty Comments 2 (January 29 - February 13, 1996)

... personally, i eat all my veggies, wear birkenstocks, am a registered democrat, own three cats, and would rather eat a tasty veggie lasagne than a burger for dinner any day... but people who think that diet constitutes a political statement are just plain stupid.

how people can get riled about how many little white mice gave their guts to find a cure for aids when there are things that are *actually* *wrong* in this society is beyond me.

assuming your "favorite vegetarian recipe" is a joke and not a endorsement of murder, i am glad to see your page. i may be the only vegetarian to write to tell you so. it has already given me access to information on animal welfare that i might not have encountered. by the by, i endorse and actually participate in animal research. not all vegetarians oppose biomedical research on animals.

(Actually, I've heard from a lot of vegetarians, and that recipe was written by someone who describes herself as an "occasional vegetarian." -- Mike)

Fantastic. This is the best bit of humor I have found on the internet in seven years.

Help! I couldn't stop laughing, and I started as soon as I saw the title. ... Incidentally I'm a vegetarian (would you believe, for reasons of health), think hunting is a silly and rather primitive thing for civilised people to be doing, and would prefer the use of simulation to vivisection where possible. But I do have a sense of humour.

Coincidence du soiree: I was scrolling down your page and "Anyone can buy some leather, ain't no better than wearing sheep." came on the headphones (Pete Townshend, "Jools and Jim", from _Empty Glass_) I should also mention that I'm eating a Quarter Pounder with Cheese as I surf the net.

Why is it people who write hate mail cannot spell? Thanks for a great page !

I had a good laugh at your page. Thank you for not beleiving that animals have "rights" above and beyond humans. And your hate mail is great! BTW, the wife of a friend of mine claims that if you put a really sensitive microphone up to a tomatoe and then slice it, the tomato will scream.

Heya! I *like* your page.... make mine rare! squeak

Excellent article about your page in the London Times today, thus my visit. I Loved the hate mail, let's have more.

Hearty handshakes and head pats. Lets go and grab a burger.

Congratulations!, there was a paragraph in The Times (7th.Feb) mentioning your rather amusing web site. They described it as (in their own words) 'unashamedly politically incorrect' which can't be a bad thing after all...

Two thumbs up!! This is the feel good site of the year! Watch animal rights activists everywhere spontaneously burst into flames... Fun for the whole family!!

THANKS for your page, it is an absolute SCREAM, especially the "favorite vegetarian recipe" which had me choking my socks off...

Bravo! It takes a sense of humor to put up with all the extremists out there. I commend you!

Congratulations on a wonderful idea! People Eating Tasty Animals is a terrific jab in the ribs for the politically correct slaves who worship their master's intellectually deprived cultist lifestyle.

P.S. Maybe you could obtain a group discount on Hooked on Phonics for your detractors.

Fantastic! You have really scored on the antis by realizing that the best way to deal with them is to ridicule their putrid anti-societal diatribe rather than trying to debate with them or otherwise take them seriously. It's then that folks can really see what emerges from this shell of "compassion" and "ethical higher ground" they hide behind... maladjusted, petty, sick facsimiles of human beings...

Love the page! Makes me wanna go chew on a big juicy steak right now! And thanks for publishing the hate mail; arguably the best part of the page.

Most excelent page. I particularly like the science refernces. (I used to work as a neurobiologist, and its always nice to know that others are seeing what we're doing...)

The hate mail section is particularly funny - a whole lotta random flamage, and no substance. Seems that most of the arguments boil down to "I don't like what you're doing/saying/eating, so I'm going to try and stop you/shut you up/ make you eat what I want.

On the leather end - when I see some militant PETA poser throw their pait/blood/etc at a bunch of hard core bikers in leather (instead of a couple of ladies wearing fur), I'll beleive they really mean what they are trying to say. I *might* even visit them in hospital to tell them that I admire their commitment to their cause. ('course, if they did it to me, I'd make sure that I got enough skin to replace my leathers...)

Who do you think you are, promoting such disgusting habits on Internet! Now, that Clinton has signed the Telecomm Bill, I hope they banish your offensive materials off the Net!

I for one, like to eat human. They taste like chicken, I tell you. Eating vegetables is so disgusting. Eating meat is worse. But, human meat, mmm, I tell you, is a delicacy to be enjoyed by kings and peasants alike.

Oh I drink OJ on the side.

P.S. Keep up the good work. :)

Greetings! Love your page. ...these people take themselves far too seriously, you on the other hand seem to have fun! Now, just a few comments about the page (so far these apply to the hate mail section):

First: Doug & Michelle sesspool I think they mean cesspool also labido - libido (God help Michelle, he clearly is not satisfying her libido or buying her fancy furs for that matter, she should dump this looser)

Matt J Wallace should do the earth a favor and kill himself.

Derek Dolan with typical Liberal drivel about more regulation.

XdowncastX couldn't even spell the name of the page to which he was referring. This must come as a result of anemia or a lack of protein caused by a meat free diet. I knew that eschewing meat caused drain bamage (brain damage).

I would take a few minutes to tell you how much I loved your page and how it makes sense out of the goofy world of the anti's but just now I hear a fat, juicy steak sizzling my name.

It's interesting to see how these people who think that every sentient being should be respected want to tie you up and throw you over a cliff. When I used to work for Putting People First, we protested PeTA's inaugural ball dressed as vegetables asking for our rights. Boy, were they mad.

I must say, it's like taking a refreshing breath of fresh air when I visit your page. Kudos to you. I enjoy it and stand behind it.

Clever idea. I hope Alex and Gretchen don't develope apoplexy!

I appreciate your web page, a great deal of useful information and humor. Especially the hate mail. It just backs up my contention that intelligence is not necessary to sneak up on plants. I wonder if the upset vegatarians demonstrate flight tactics or circle-up- and-fight-as-a-herd tactics. Certainly doomed the musk oxen in North America to suffer at the hands of spear throwing Indians!

... I applaud you. Especially because of your links to The Foundation Of Biomedical Research, and like organizations.

Groups like that other PETA have strong supporters. But, the simple truth is that most of them have no idea what it is they support. They believe all the lies and rhetoric that is spoon fed to them, by people making hundreds of thousands of dollars heading the organization. My favorite example: Models who'd rather be nude than wear fur, but eat some meats, and wear leather...as if only fur counts. You can bet that if there were minks living in their basement they'd have them killed as fast as any other rodent.

I'm sure you will always get hatemail because of this, but that is the price you pay for having a brain, and using it.

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