Tasty Comments Page (February 13 - February 25, 1996)

Glad someone out there isnt afraid to speak there mind. I used to be a proffesional trapper, but since the Antis got there way fur prices dropped and I was forced to quit doing what I loved most. Its nice to see it explode in there face though when the laws they helped put into effect backfire such as the rabies epedemic out east or the Mountail Lion and bear overpopulations out west. They only end up making things worse. Glad your out there!!

Bravo -- I love your "in your face" sense of humor. Glorious!

I am a scientist and I find your home page WONDERFUL! Keep up the good work!

Great page! I think it's amazing how people who are against cruelty to animals can come up with such hate and make threats to humans.

This is AWESOME. I have no idea what your motivations are, but this is the funniest thing I've seen in ages. Some PETA people were at my school ages ago when I was in highschool and gave me a bitching sessions because I did a project on applied leather tanning for my arts requirement at an alternative school.

I hate greenpeace, too.

In fact, I even have an argument against recycling.

I love what you're doing, and you've got my support =)

Great page! Keep up the good work.

A few observations:

This page made me howl with laughter. It's one of the best pages I've seen anywhere on the web. The idea of liberating the the PETA acronym from the sanctimonious, limousine-liberal types who otherwise claim it is totally brilliant.

To me, the poorly composed, embarassingly misspelled hate mail sent in by these people says it all: "We're morons, we take ourselves too seriously, and we resent the hell out of you for pointing it out to us."

Thank you kindly for giving me something to laugh about today.

As a true believer in the benefits in eating good meat I was glad to see someone having some playful harmless fun with the "animal lovers" of the world and if they can not take a joke; ?*!#$'em! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that are a lot of supporters in my family as we have been in the cattle industry for over 100 years on the same ranch. We have now expanded to hogs and who knows where from there. So power to the meat eaters and leather wearers. -----Carnivorous Homosapien

I wish to applaud you on your web site. Touche' as they say... As an AVID hunter and environmentalist (Hunters provide 70% of California's Dept. Fish & Game budget - Approx. $460,000,000 / year. So I would say that that makes us environmentalists) I'm really sick of those animal-rights, excuse me, fruitloops trying to shove their beliefs/ideals down our throats......What planet are these kinder, gentler militants from anyway?

The pursuit of happiness is in the constitution. Freedom of choice is what it's all about. You want to eat your veggies...more power to you.

I like veggies too...but I love best a thick steak -rare. Preferably one from a deer I've killed, gutted, butchered, wrapped myself. It's a labor of love.... Not like that bubble-wrapped stuff at the grocery store --Some people think that's OK but hunting is not. Sounds like a fancy illusion....Alas, I digress.

A little food for thought, as it were, for any AR people that might be reading this....

Every time you bite into your "Salade du Jour", you are biting into living protoplasm.

That highly prized and oh so politically correct Granola your community consumes so much of gets it's crunch when your teeth are crushing the un-born, baby embryos of the plants they came from!!

That's not very nice......

Thanks for putting the work into the page. It looks very nice, and I just love the foolish comments people make about animals being sacred and not a food source. What a scream! Few things compare to a nice, juicy steak, swimming in garlic butter...sheesh, I best stop, since I am getting myself in the mood for lunch, and it is only 8:28am! haha

Oh yes! A friend just pointed me to this. Bravo on finding a new and exciting way to make a statement about, well - stuff!

This is the greatest! People were meant to eat the flesh of animals. Humans are the masters of the planet as ordained by His word, the Bible. We are SUPPOSE TO utilize animals in all ways that help us, even if it means the so called "ill treatment" of what some kooks call "labratory animals". BE KIND TO ANIMALS BY USING THEM AS INTENDED! Raise them as stock, love them as pets, learn from them through science, where their skins to comfort us in the cold, eat their dead flesh to nourish the glorious bodies that God gave to us. ANIMALS ARE BEAUTIFUL, EAT THEM!

You have produced an elaborate and subtle piece of merriment, a rare skill in this age of soundbites and one-liners, an amazing resource for a little-noticed field of interest, and a great collection of stupid hate mail. I salute you!

I love your page. It gives me and others like me an opportunity to laugh at the idiocy of vegetarians and treehuggers. Perhaps with a little luck eating all those veggies and no meat protein will result in malfunctioning reproductive organs and we'll lose them out of the gene pool.

Additional comment to the "lady???" who writes "be prepared for enemies asshole" so eloquently, may I say "be prepared for assholes, enemy".

Thanks for the opportunity to write to a worthwhile page for a change.

Let me congratulate you on a great page. I am an avid hunter, fisherman and general lover of the outdoors and wildlife. You have tied together some great links, and the satire in some of your material is really outstanding.

Please repost more of the hate mail. Surely you've gotten more than what's there now. I guess I have some lurid curiosity to see what these nut cases have to say (or threaten you with). I'm amazed at their atrocious grammar and inability to use words with more than four letters--perhaps they've forgotten where they stuck their thumb.

I laughed! I cried! I ate a burger!

Found your home page and love it already. It is a good and needed reality check for the animal rights and environmental wackos out there. We have been battling these people for overa year now and it is nice to find such a supportive and humorous page. Thanks.

Just got back from Japan -- Those fish are GREAT when you cut off chunks while they are still wiggling and flopping! I love your webpage!

We have enjoyed your page very much.

I am reminded of the time John Lennon held a news conference to announce that he had become a vegetarian, for the usual quasi-moral reasons. One of the newsman pointed out that he was wearing leather shoes. Lennon replied: "Yes, and when they come up with an acceptable substitute for leather, I'll switch."

What if I don't happen to think that there's an "acceptable substitute for Rib, Strip, Sirloin, Delmonico and Porterhouse? I just don't find Tofu Burgers acceptable. But sure, when they come up with an acceptable substitute, I'll switch.

What about Vegans who wear down jackets? Do they think that the geese are shorn once a year like sheep?

I have heard that Adolph Hitler fretted over a painless way to kill lobster. Hmmm.

I found the PETA page on rec.hunting and thought, what the hell, might as well be offended by a little outrageous dogma. Instead, what a treat, I laughed, I chortled, I woke my wife up, oops. I struggled to quietly read on... Great page, nice set of links.

This page just made my whole month!! The ravings of the animal rights BWL's(bed wetting liberal's) need to be countered whenever and whereever it is possible. After seeing your page I am going right out to the store and getting a 2 inch thick T-Bone and grilling that puppy(the steak not a puppy) up tonight.

No, I don't. I just wanted you to be excited, because I felt bad that you didn't get more threatening letters. I would have expected such a nice piece of bait to attract HUNDREDS of hastily typed rants covered in the spittle of the rabid pro-critter lobby. I was expected 10 to 15 minutes of amusement, but I find only ONE LOUSY THREAT and a bunch of rather tame demi-rants for a total of only 4.2 minutes of reading pleasure. You have disappointed me. Go forth and collect MORE souls from the pee-see swarm which circles the web like a bad aura. I see that you have enlisted the aid of a Minion of Satan for your legal efforts. I approve. Bring us MORE RANTS!!!! The balance of nature demands it.

PS: Any fan mail from James Garner yet?

* Minion of Satan is a registered trademark of the American Association of Intellectual Property Lawyers.

What a great page! My wife and I have been vegetarian for years, but we've become absolutely sick and tired of the sanctimonious assholes we've had to associate with. We've cancelled our subscriptions to those animal rights hate-rags, told them to go to hell when they call begging for money, and my wife has made a small and wildly popular change to my Hard Rock Cafe hat ("Pave the Planet") just to piss 'em off.

Clearly, the animal rights movement has attracted the jack-booted fringe in our society to a degree where a common, decent human being can't afford to be seen there anymore. To hell with them.

We still don't eat meat, but our daughter does until she can decide for herself, and our politically incorrect Golden Retrievers enjoy whatever fresh meat they manage to catch or our friends leave behind after dinner parties.

Keep up the good work, and remember: Save the Whales. Collect the whole set.

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