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From: (Editor, People Eating Tasty Animals)
In article <>, Lisa Seaman wrote:

> As you might know, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals,
> the largest animal rights organization in the world)

Whoopie-fucking-do. PETA ain't nothing but a bunch of PR artists and lawyers and a pile of cash contributed by clueless flakes like you.

> has been
>struggling over its domain name with an organization calling itself
>People Eating Tasty Animals.

An "organization" consisting of exactly one person. Yours truly. And "" is not in any way owned by "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" nor do they have any grounds upon which to claim ownership of that domain name. Ownership of a trademark does not automatically grant an individual or organization priority to a domain name - an object which did not exist until I applied for it.

Though I would guess that discussion of the nuances and complexities of trademark law is well over the head of a juvenile fanatic such as yourself.

>PETA has filed suit against both Michael
>Doughney, creator of the Tasty Animals website, and Network Solutions,
>Inc., operators of InterNIC.


No lawsuit has been filed to my knowledge. Besides, there are no grounds for a lawsuit of any kind.

Of course, I didn't expect you to get your facts straight.

>Doughney has hired his own attorney.

Got a problem with that? Or do you have a problem with the fact that some people can afford to pay for legal services?

>Doughney's site advocates animal testing, eating meat, wearing fur and
>leather, and hunting.

It is a resource for those interested in those subjects. It, and I, "advocate" nothing in particular other than debate, discussion, reason and skepticism.

>Doughney, in all his balding, middle-aged glory,

Why, thank you. (Your ageism is showing and you sound like you're under, oh, twenty. Are you planning on suicide upon finding your first facial wrinkle or grey hair?)

>is co-founder of Digex, one of the largest internet providers in
>Maryland, where is hosted.

Is this relevant? My use of DIGEX's facilities is subject to the same terms and conditions as that of any customer. (You got your facts wrong again too.)

>Doughney claims that he's
>receiving hundreds of messages of support (which he does not post),

Not true. See the "Tasty Comments" section at Though with the flood of supportive mail I haven't had an opportunity to post the best of the past 500 or so messages.

>while hate mail is down to 2 percent (all posted).

Again, not quite true, as I have a backlog of, oh, a small handful of "hate" messages.

> I have the proud
>distinction of being number one on Doughneys hate mail page, with my
>own special section at the top.

You deserve it - having told me to "expect enemies" even before the web page was brought online.

> Doughney even sent an email to the CEO
>of my company, whimpering that I was threatening him and demanding his
>policy on employees sending threatening email.

The phrase "expect enemies" has a particular meaning when working in an environment where death threats from AR extremists have almost become routine. See news:<4lgk33$>

Meanwhile, I see you've managed to scrape up the cash to buy a public access account from which to post. Congratulations.

> Whatever. I'm just
>hoping more people give him shit. Check it out at

Why, thanks for the plug. And I thought everyone would like to see the 'stats' for my mail since the time you posted your message (Sun Apr 21 09:35:19 EDT 1996) and right now.

Positive: 23
Negative: 1 (exactly 4 percent of this sample of 25)
Indifferent: 1
Positive comments from vegetarians: 1

Mike Doughney, Editor
People Eating Tasty Animals

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