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New in this edition: (June 9, 1996)

This site is not a "front for the meat industry!"

As if that isn't obvious enough at first glance...

From time to time I've received crank e-mail charging me with being a front for some association or corporation. Presumably some people can't understand how one individual with a few pieces of obsolete computer hardware at hand can put this site together for basically little to no effort.

These charges have reached a new level, now that Vegetarian Times magazine has openly reported, on page 17 of the June 1996 issue, that "People Eating Tasty Animals" is "a front for the meat industry."

A quick glance through the magazine indicates to me that Vegetarian Times, rather than focusing on and promoting dietary alternatives for individuals, has filled their pages with what appears to be animal rights movement propaganda - like the article that insists that human disease "is certain to rise" as a result of BSE ("mad cow" disease), beginning on page 16, for instance. They also seem to have gotten into the game of promoting useless quackery like the fifty dollar ceramic "laundry disks" hawked in an article (not an ad!) on page 12 of the same issue.

Perhaps now's a good time to ask, who's fronting for whom? Unquestioningly parroting animal-rightists' scare tactics, and deliberately promoting quack products whose only purpose is to bilk the unwary out of significant amounts of money, sure don't sound like parts of an ethical and reputable editorial policy to me. I don't believe vegetarians are stupid suckers - why do this magazine's writers try to convince me that that's so? domain name remains on hold

The domain name is still "on hold" and there's not much more to say at this time. For details read my previous editorial.

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Mike Doughney, Editor
June 9, 1996

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